Mi Gente! My name is Radical One aka Papi Juan aka Mangu Daddy! I’m a Producer, DJ, Artist, and Engineer. I form part of the iHeartMedia and iHeartLatino team with Rumba 97.7FM in Boston, bringing excellent music, programming and broadcasting to the metro Boston community, New England and beyond! Growing up in the East Coast of the United States with a Dominican heritage brought me a unique Latin-X focused lens to life and music. I have had the honor to travel the world and perform, bringing unique sounds with influences in my music including Afro-Latin, Caribbean, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Soul, etc. My music continues to captivate listeners on international media platforms such as BBC Radio 1, Beats1, Diplo & Friends, Soulection Radio, & Reprezent Radio.

As a Specialist in Latin/World Music, I am continuing to spearhead the growing “tropical fusion genre” with world infused music such as global bass, trap, dembow, reggaeton, afrobeat, moombahton, etc. With my sound i’ve been able to work with some amazing global talent including: Dj Blass, Dave Nada, Tittsworth, FS Green, Fight Clvb, Falcons, St. Beauty, Ratcheton and the list continues to grow.

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Some of my services* I offer include:

  • Ghost production
  • Arrangement
  • Finalization
  • Sound replacement
  • Sound design
  • Composition
  • Mix
  • Master
  • Remixing
  • Sync/Licensing/Commercials

 *If you have a project outside of the listed services, send me a message --> rad1musica@gmail.com Always excited to collaborate with new people. 

Thank you again and welcome to papi juan’s world!

With Love,

Radical One aka Papi Juan aka Mangu Daddy!